Portugal is famed for its beautiful beaches, and along the 1,794 km of coastline are found some of Europe’s finest beaches. These beaches are as diverse and varied as Portugal, ranging from vast expanses of golden sands through to secluded coves with picturesque scenery.

10 best beaches in Portugal

  1. Praia do Creiro (Sesimbra)

  2. Praia do Almograve (Alentejo Coastline)

  3. Praia do Guincho (Cascais)

  4. Praia Dona Ana (Lagos)

  5. Praia da Rocha

  6. Tróia Peninsula (Setubal)

  7. Praia do Senhor da Pedra (Porto)

  8. Praia da Mareta (Sagres)

  9. Praia do Barril (Tavira)

  10. Foz do Arelho (Obidos)